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Carina’s passion, enthusiasm and knowledge about fitness is so inspirational. Every class and personal training session has been transformational. While motivating and full of energy, Carina is realistic about fitness goals and how they fit into your life. As a direct result of my training with Carina, I have become so much healthier, stronger, and more confident. She’s a game changer in my fitness - and life!

Melanie Douglas

I used to be a 'workout because you're supposed to' person and began attending some fitness classes that were offered at my office. Initially, I was intimidated by Carina's energy, thought that I wasn't a gym rat and wouldn't keep up with her classes so typically skipped those days and just did a short run on the elliptical. I was convinced by a co-worker to give it a try. I quickly realized how contagious Carina's energy is and it has nothing to do with where you are on your fitness journey; she is just happy you are there and wants to encourage you wherever you are. She's intense, but has so much fun and you can't help but be entertained while getting your exercise. Over time, as she shared more of herself during our classes, I also learned that the gym is a great place to work through your emotions. As I went through a tough time a few years ago, I prioritized getting to class as it was just what I needed. Carina saw me during that time; without having to say anything, she knew why I was there and gave me a safe space to work through my stuff. I continued going regularly as my work schedule allowed. Enter the alternate universe of 2020 & COVID-19. My office shut down; therefore my fitness center shut down. I was isolated with shelter in place and knew I needed to take care of myself mentally and emotionally. Carina was offering classes on Facebook so I took up attending live or with the video later in the day. I was in a funk every morning, but as soon as I got my workout and Carina fix, my attitude improved. I knew I needed the exercise AND her....again, that energy (even when it's just one way on video) is contagious! I knew she couldn't hear me, but I still talked back. 🙂 I eventually worked up to 4-5 days a week (had only had her twice a week at the office). Now that she's on Zoom and can be interactive, I've realized that I work even harder (she can see me now!). Since December, I've lost almost 20 lbs and gained a ton of strength, both physically and mentally. I never set out to lose weight; I truly was focused on keeping sane in some trying times and am thrilled that there was a positive physical side-effect from all of it. Yes, I am the one who finds that strength and pushes myself, but Carina is the one who inspires me.

Kim Huelsing

The black belt of fitness classes. The Mt. Everest of motivators. Carina Reid will get you to give more effort than you ever knew you had. Her passion and energy for life ignite a fire in your soul that doesn’t allow you to give up. This is what sets her apart, she helps you find your inner motivation and then somehow gets you to turn it up to 11. What’s truly astounding, you’ll be sweating, muscles spasming, giving every last bit of what you got and she’ll show you how to find more, all while laughing and having fun. Carina is truly one of a kind. She takes you on a physical and emotional journey that leaves you feeling empowered and full of gratitude. Her many positive sayings have become common place in our household. Two years now and we still leave every class feeling better than when we showed up. She has changed our lives. Stronger than we’ve ever been. She’s right about what she always tells us: 'It’s a gift, you’re welcome'.

Jeff Hickey and Leah DiBiccari

Carina Reid is one of the most motivational and inspirational individuals that I have ever met. I was introduced to Carina when I stepped out of my comfort zone and took my first hot pilates class. She welcomed me to the class with open arms and made me feel like one of the 'regulars'. Carina is able to push you past your limits. Just when I’m about to give up or tone it down, she gets deep and pulls out that inner warrior to get me to push it to the next level. She is very passionate about fitness and mental health, and has an incredibly rare ability to connect with people at a spiritual level. Carina’s passion for fitness and mental health comes out via her emotions during her classes. One minute we are all crying with her, the next we are all cursing her name on what seems like our millionth burpee. Carina has been able to adapt to the current state of things by committing to daily workouts via live streaming, so those that need her services have it with a click of the mouse. Even though I’m watching her motivate us through a computer screen, it still feels like she is there in the room, pushing me past what I thought my limits were, to accomplish what I didn’t think I would be able to accomplish. Carina is a unique, one of a kind, passionate force of power and emotion. If you want to get an INSANE workout that pushes you to your physical and emotional limits, then Carina Reid is the trainer that you’ve been looking for.

Aaron Whiting

What I love about having Carina as my personal trainer is that I increased my fitness, strength, aerobic capacity and balance while working around a sports related injury. She’s an exercise and motivational expert, with passion, variety, kindness and wisdom and quite frankly the single best personal trainer I have ever had. I wouldn’t train with anybody else!

Susan RosenthalCross Country Bicyclist, Engineer, Santa Cruz local

I just wanted to start off by saying Carina is the most motivational,happy,caring and loving person I've ever met.When I first met her I was at my lowest point because I was locked up in Juvenile Hall but she always found a way to push me to my limits and to put a smile on my face. When I first heard we were getting a personal trainer I was a little skeptical because I hated working out, I never enjoyed it. When I first seen Carina I thought she was a little crazy because she has a lot of tattoos
and always has a smile on her face. My first session with Carina just honestly changed my whole mindset on fitness, I didn't want it to end because I felt so free in my body. I was drenched in sweat and couldn't wait for the next workout. She really does push you to your limits and in life sometimes that's all you really need to be successful. She made me feel like I can accomplish any goal I put my mind to, you just need to really want it. It's hard being in a cell at night with all your regrets going through your head but Carina gave me a coping skill to put my mind on something else. I remember always doing push-ups and burpees in my cell to make the time go by faster. I would always look forward to having workout sessions with Carina because she just brought out so much happiness and positive energy that I wanted in my own life.To this day I still keep in touch with Carina because she became a big part of my support system and my change to become successful in a positive manner. One of my goals is to become a personal trainer just like Carina because she has showed me a lifestyle that I truly feel free mentally and physically. Lastly, Carina is the best personal trainer in my eyes because she came from the very bottom and now she is full of joy and love. I remember her always telling me "I can't" is not in your vocabulary because your in control of your body so take over and push yourself!


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