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Carina’s vision for Fuel PHitness:

Fuel PHitness offers group classes, outdoor bootcamps, personal training, and workshops. Above all Fuel PHitness began with me believing in myself and continued as a belief in human connection and empowering others through movement.

Fuel PHitness is my opportunity to help others believe in themselves and in their own power. My vision is to create a unique approach to fitness by inspiring each individual to tap into their unstoppable drive and tap into the ability to create life changing results.

Human connection is where we find meaning and purpose in our lives and Fuel PHitness is about building that community. It is about a place where people can come together and help each other through life’s challenges and successes. Our studio is about working through the emotions and experiences rather than leaving them behind when you walk through the door.

So, what are we doing here?

Fuel PHitness is opening our own studio and home in Santa Cruz to build community connection through fitness. We believe fitness is medicine to the body, mind and spirit and my approach is to go straight for the heart, to dive deeper into oneself and empower change from within. We have hand picked an amazing team to lead and instruct your fitness experience while ensuring consistency in everything we do.

It is extremely important to us to build community and give back! We support a few causes in Santa Cruz including working with troubled youth and supporting suicide prevention programs. Giving back is our way of showing our love and commitment to this community.

Our trainers and admin team will work closely together to bring a consistent experience for our clients. Our team will create a space of trust and stability regardless of the instructor, the front desk personnel who they see when they walk through the doors and the team behind the scenes. This consistency will allow our clients to feel safe and supported while they are working through their hardships or sharing in their life experiences. This aspect will help drive clients to want more and to keep coming back time and time again. We want each person who walks through our doors to feel special and cared for and to know that they have a home.

I mentor/train teens in detention, have been awarded Santa Cruz’s Local Hero, won Best Personal Trainer for the past three years and was the first female to be awarded Best Personal Trainer and Robert Neff Award for Outstanding Service to the Substance Use Disorder Recovery Community.

We're going digital as well as in person!

Fuel PHitness will be broadcasting all of its classes live streaming. We’ll be building out a digital library so you can enjoy the hybrid model. Take a class with one of our amazing teachers at home or in person.

A letter from our founder, Carina

It has been my dream to open up a physical studio in my hometown of Santa Cruz for the last decade, and when COVID began it was my opportunity to branch off on my own whether I was ready or not. I was able to create a space virtually for the community to stay connected through such challenging times. As my business took off I realized how ready I was to bring my dream to life and this event became the catalyst for taking that next step, finding the physical studio!

The passion and drive I have for this project is bigger than me, I am a small part of it and it’s more about the connection that can come. Without the community I would never have this opportunity to give back, to support and empower those I work with who will then do the same to the next generation.

I am 14 years clean and sober this year! A feat I never felt was possible and I have my community to thank. I always needed an outlet to express myself and luckily I found fitness. It became the guiding force for change and a space to build the connection I had been lacking from such an early age. My hope is to create a space where the community can come and celebrate their true authentic selves through fitness.

So here we come Santa Cruz, stay tuned for more exciting membership opportunities and opening dates!

Love from Carina