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It’s not impossible,

it’s I’m possible.

Why Fuel PHitness?

Fuel PHitness creates a unique approach to fitness by inspiring each individual to tap into their unstoppable drive for life changing results. We believe that fitness is medicine for the whole body and mind. We aim to empower our clients through movement, community and connection to help ignite change from within.

Jeff Hickey and Leah DiBiccari

" The black belt of fitness classes. The Mt. Everest of motivators. Carina Reid will get you to give more effort than you ever knew you had. Her passion and energy for life ignite a fire in your soul that doesn’t allow you to give up. This is what sets her apart, she helps you find your inner motivation and then somehow gets you to turn it up to 11. What’s truly astounding, you’ll be sweating, muscles spasming, giving every last bit of what you got and she’ll show you how to find more, all while laughing and having fun. Carina is truly one of a kind. She takes you on a physical and emotional journey that leaves you feeling empowered and full of gratitude. Her many positive sayings have become common place in our household. Two years now and we still leave every class feeling better than when we showed up. She has changed our lives. Stronger than we’ve ever been. She’s right about what she always tells us: 'It’s a gift, you’re welcome'. "

Real people with life-changing results

Melanie Douglas

" Carina’s passion, enthusiasm and knowledge about fitness is so inspirational. Every class and personal training session has been transformational. While motivating and full of energy, Carina is realistic about fitness goals and how they fit into your life. As a direct result of my training with Carina, I have become so much healthier, stronger, and more confident. She’s a game changer in my fitness - and life! "