Venessa Coffaro

One word…Tenacious…AF. I am a hard working single mom of two amazing teenagers and have been an athlete all of my life. Initially, I was a competitive runner and dabbled in long distance running and Spartan races. Pre COVID I was two thirds of the way to my Trifecta medal! In my early thirties I discovered CrossFit. Seeing how strong I am mentally and physically was a game changer and my mission became clear when I began watching others experience the same profound feelings of accomplishment. I want to help every person experience the freedom of functional fitness.

I obtained my CF-L1 and CF-L2 certifications to develop myself as a professional in the industry. I attended seminars and certifying workshops in barbell, gymnastics, nutrition, coaching and technique. Wanting more, I expanded my fitness experience to amateur bodybuilding, competing in two bikini fitness competitions and medaling in the masters division for 35+. I currently coach at local CrossFit gyms and am excited to contribute my knowledge to the amazing group of fitness experts laying the foundation of Fuel PHitness.

Would it surprise you to learn that I do all this with a congenitally deformed left foot? During COVID shutdowns, I had several major orthopedic surgeries to correct my foot structure and gait. There is enough hardware in my foot to set off most metal detectors. Learning how to perform day to day activities like standing up, walking and balancing all over again was one of the hardest and humbling experiences. I understand first hand how it feels to lose freedom of movement, to feel betrayed by your body and suffer feelings of inadequacy. I believe now, more than ever, that honoring my body exactly as it is with careful physical conditioning, nutrition and mindfulness is absolutely EVERYTHING. I am here to coach anyone who refuses to sit on the sidelines and continues to get up, in the face of their own adversity. When people see me I know they don’t see my disability, they see a strong ass woman. Let me show you what I’ve learned. Together we rise!