Teresa Wolfe

I began my journey with yoga because of a loss and have continued because of life. My first husband died 13 years ago we had 3 young children, and I needed to find healing not only in my body but in my soul. I was living with depression, anxiety, and loss, I went to my first yoga class and never stopped practicing since. Yoga gave me my life back, I found gratitude even in the challenge I learned to breathe again. Yoga reminds me I'm alive, capable, worthy, more than enough, and deserving of love and happiness, we all are. I practiced for ten years 6-7 days a week until I decided to make what I loved something I could share with others and became a yoga instructor. I teach 26&2 hot yoga, Vinyasa flow, and also teach private lessons. I offer variations to poses that can accommodate injuries. I’m committed to continuing to evolve and grow to give the best of what I have. Yes, I came to yoga because of a loss, but I remained because of my life…a beautiful mess. Sending ALL good to ALL in all ways, always!