Fairness Policy

I am so excited that you have chosen to join the Fuel PHitness community! I am so honored and humbled to be able to work with you and help empower you through fitness.

My mission is to ignite change in every human I meet, and to encourage optimal success in all aspects of life from the inside out. Our Fairness Policy is in place to help navigate communication and our overall relationship during our time together.

Policy: We require 24 hours notice prior to a session cancellation. If you are unable to cancel within this time frame the session must still be paid in full. If you are experiencing extenuating circumstances such as a serious illness or family bereavement please notify us and all fees will be waived.

Regardless of the reason for cancellation the trainee and trainer can work together to re-arrange or reschedule the session.

Thank you for your understanding and for joining our community. I am so excited to work with you!

Carina Reid, Owner

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